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<font color='#000000'>Hiya guys.

I always used to fish the docks down at Swansea with some success.

But from what I&#39;ve read the fishing in Swansea seems to have dried up altoghether is this right or are things improving? &nbsp;I&#39;m planning my first fishing trip in almost 4 months for the coming Saturday and need to know if Swansea will be a waste of time or not?

if Swnasea&#39;s gone quiet any suggestions on local spots worth visiting would be very welcome indeed.

Anyone wanting to PM me is welcome to do so


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<font color='#000000'>Swansea is completely dead at the moment. &nbsp;Area is so overfished that all the fish have been landed already.

Mumbles Pier is always worth a shot, but £3 a rod, only one fish landed last tuesday ( ballan wrasse about 4 inches long&#33; )

If your planning to go to that area, Rhossili seems to be the best option as far as I&#39;m concerned. &nbsp;

There were a few mackerel there at the start of last week, fished off the rocks at the end ( just before the walk out to worms head ) or the ledges on the left hand side of the cliff face. just be careful , welsh news reported that a couple fell off the cliff on monday to their doom&#33;</font>
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