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A simple question - 'When was the last time you examined your balls ?' I am referring to your bearings that support the spool - inboard & outboard reels.

On Saturday I noticed that one of my reels was not running as it should, some of my fellow casters commented that my casting was looking good (for a change) but the distances seemed to be on the 'low' side.

So, I stripped my reels down and span the bearings - 1 seemed slow and the other hardly span at all but the reel had given a 220m cast :thumbs:

Just before I put them in the cleaner I had a really good look at them with a watch makers eye glass.
Bearing 1 - has a open 'crown' style cage with 9 small cermaic balls running in s/steel races.
Bearing 2 - has a closed 'ribbon' style cage with only 7 larger cearmic balls running in s/steel races.
(Dont ask me why my reel had odd bearings in it)

At this point I started stripping a number of other reels to check the configuration of the bearings and I appear to have a variation of units with - 'Crown', 'Ribbon' and 'Ring' cages, 7, 8 & 9 balls.

Following an overnight clean in a inductrial ultrasonic bath and a full day to dry I ran a few spin/noise tests.
Longest spin time - 7 bearing 'Crown' cage units.
Quietest bearing - 9 bearing 'Ring' cage units.
Noisiest bearing - 8 bearing 'Ribbon' cage untis.

I now wont find out how the reels run until Sunday at GP1 :eek:hnoes:
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