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<font color='#000000'>Fished on the Stone jetty,on Aberystwyth sea front yesterday(3.9.04),plenty of dog fish caught,but nothing else,just wondering if anyone knows of any other good spots in the area.................</font>

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<font color='#000000'>Try the rocks to the S of the storm-beach that runs S from the jetty at LW. Keep a low profile and lob a soft crab a little way out from the LW mark (edge of the reef) as the tide starts to flood. This has given me decent bass and big rockling in the past, in cloudy daylight conditions. Short cast with a disposable sinker fixed with light line does the job.

Not fished it for years but that used to work OK. Failing that try Borth beach for rays - AMMO sandeel or squid does the job as does mackerel strip, and if you use a light bass rod the fireworks can be quite something if you are lucky & get a decent sized one. Always a chance of a bass there too, despite the fact that I&#39;ve not had a legal size one all year&#33;

Cheers - John</font>
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