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If it's not to late try the life boat slip at pennarth ,fish just on the the slip that runs to the side of the wall .Not because I've caught there lately but would like to know whats be caught there and a big cast is not needed . I think you will enjoy it down there even if you don't catch . For the novice this is an all right venue with plenty of light from the road .In the past I've caught some good fish here . If you don't have much joy with big bait on a pannel rig ,Try using a scatching rig like a two hock flapper with small hocks and baits .(the rig you started with when i saw you last time).

p.s I'm fishing tomorrow day down the Ranny and haven't been on the forum for a couple of days ,so didn't read the private message till now . may be next time .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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