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Thought I'd give the rocks up by the short harbour arm a go at low tide yesterday. After getting caught in the deluge just before 7pm had both rods in the water shortly after. One with tiny size 8's on to try and get a weever for my species list and the other a size 1/0 and size 4 to cover all angles.
Had a few of bites over the next couple of hours which only resulted in bootlace size eels, then had a small sole to finish up with so another for the species list. Didn't get any weevers although my son had a few whilst he was shrimping at the same time. Heard they're prolific round in the bay so may try there next week.
However, pretty pleased with my total so far, (15) before getting any of the summer species.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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