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I have been fishing with Nicolas Mamais in Panama since he was 5 yrs old, somehow in all this years fishing with him and his Dad(Niko), we could not seem to put him on a Black Marlin, now 18 yrs. old and his going off to College to US in a few days and still no Black Skirted Monster on his Belt, Nicolas turned out to be a fishing enthusiast like his Dad, fishing Bluewater to Freshwater Tournament or simply just Surf casting of the Beach, enjoys Popping and now Jigging, but living in " Black Marlin Country " it should be pretty easy, but as always it seems to elude him when he is fishing with his Father, being superstitious I told Niko to let me take your son and put him on a Marlin maybe you are not lucky together, I have caught many many Marlin with Niko in 14 years fishing with him in Panama but never with his kid, so he agreed to let me take Nicolas and so off we go to Panama Sportfishing Lodge and got on Capt. Macho and Capt. Sergio aboard the Crazy Jigger our 35 Marlago with only One day to fish the pressure is on, it was also Full Moon,LOL, headed to Hannibal Bank where the bite have been crazy the last few weeks, caught bait right away, lots of activities but no bite, by 1 PM I suggested to Macho to head over to Isla Montuosa, with a little bit of hesitation from my Captains because no one have caught a Marlin in Isla Montuosa lately, Macho kinda grunted the bite is definitely at Hannibal Bank lets be patient, I watch the movement in this water very closely thru Satellite imaging and i noticed that the current is much more favorable in Montuosa, that is why I even suggested to move spot, well sometimes it is good to be the Boss, LOL, so off we went to a 20 minute run, got to Isla Montuosa at slack tide so we decide to Jig a little bit till the tide started moving, got some nice fish on jig and even a few on Poppers, by 2 PM we started to put the livey's out for Big Fish, I said to Nicolas you got 2 hours to catch your Marlin for 2010, if not it will be 2011 if your lucky, but 5 minutes in the troll and Bam!! did not even see it looking at the spread, the fight is on! this fish was good size, pushing over 500lbs it made a spectacular show, now all Nicolas need to do is bring the fish in, the kid did really well and a nice release after 45 minutes, how exciting for Nicolas and off course for his proud Dad as well, but off course I have to say to Niko " I told you so I'll put him on the Fish" LOL, another one off the bucket list, enjoy the pics.

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