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Wigan man fights for life after throwing meths on garden fire | Mail Online

mike has been involved in an horrific accident which has resulted in him being severely burnt. A lot of us know and have fished with Mike and I'm sure many of us wish we could do something.

Well maybe there is, it's times like this his family will be under a great strain and stress, both emotionally and most probably financially. Mike is unable to work, no doubt his partner is having to take time of work and with the added cost of hospital visits etc, let us as a community try and ease some of that financial stress - if even only a little.

We have set up a Paypal account were you may donate. I have given all security details to fellow kayaker Andy Money who will share the responsibility of the account with me.

Would you as fellow kayak anglers be willing to give just a little to this family who must be going through so much right now?

Paypal Donations too: [email protected]

read more: Kayak Angler Benevolent Fund | Anglian Kayak Angling
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