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Another day on the water and this time we went for the grand Scenery of loch Awe .Loch awe is situated in the highlands of Scotland .We made our way at night ,a good 2 hours drive and slept in the 4 wheel tin box .Woke up in the morning with all inside windows frozen ,and Checked the dash board temperature indicating a cool - 6C .The sun came out early just in time to defrost our kayaks .We set out and paddle from the nearest river and paddled throughout to the main loch . With snow mountain tops for scenery and Kilchurn castle in the background we were in for a good day .Fishing started great with my buddy hooking a good jack pike around 5lb on the alien eel , and then everything went quiet .We paddled in and out the bays looking for better spots but no more fish came out . With 5 kayaks on the go , great scenery and good company we enjoyed our day immensely . The sun finally shining on our white faces indicating the start of spring .A wood pecker hammering the tree and an osprey just arriving added to this day .We made our way back home on the winding scenic road , heads full of spring images ..What a great day on the clear cold water that was ..


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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