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By a stroke of luck, and a wee bit of good fortune, Urly has managed to accrue a few hundred quid in the bank,

I'd like to spend it:)

before the cops are called:busted_co and would rather spend it on fishing gear, :whistling:

Suggestions please folks



The Ego
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Free fishing fleeces for team Essex. Or a fixed spool reel with decent line, a hat for Issy (just for the peace and quiet) a fire exstinguisher for Ash

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Adopt a few planks on Southend pier all in a line, starting at the gate and going out as far as you can afford, then give us all permission to use them day or night :g:

NEC fishing show tomorrow, few hundred quid may buy you a weight!

Buy a kitted out floating tub, aka a kayak :boat:

Spend it on spearmint mojo's and penny whistles.

fishing holiday :g:

Beer and hoes :secret:

Buy a breeding pair of veloseraptor to go with that bird nest you picked up at Dungie :clap2:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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