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I am a trout fisher looking for any information regarding sea fishing from the shore basically using the gear that I have at the moment,the where's, I live near the fourth estuary if that is any help and what baits to use during winter any relevant information would be greatly appreciated

hi get youself some fishing gear [sea of course]it's not too expensive it could be mind you but as a rule go for some advice and get a good firm rod an abu 65c3 with level wind a good rod rest ian golds type mind a mate to share fuel iff poss and hey presto you are one of us a bit mad at times [all winter] but it's a big pond out there and best of all no licence thing i would add is try and find a good tackle shop and don't be afraid to ask about where to go for a novice and use good bait oh and always use shock leader tight lines m8 let us know how you got on yeh?iwantacod[andy]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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