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Now i have insurance cheque in the bank i'm at the point of completely fitting out with new stuff...My engine will be an Optimax 150hp and that requires a 750 CCA battery to start it (60a/756 watt charging alternator) and i intend to buy a 110amp Leisure for the electronic/lights. Now i have bought 2 x 150amp busbars one for + and one for -....i have a couple of banks of fused switch panels, a switch autobilge switch and a battery selector switch rated at i think 175amp continuous, i'm going to move the position of where the batteries were to further away from the engine so require much longer lengths of cable.

Questions are
1/ am i ok to run the starter cable through the busbar? or should the main starter cables run directly from the battery and have their own on/off isolator switches.
2/ what size battery cable will i need, main run will be about 5-6m i guess and do i need same thickness for neg and pos cable to/from engine/battery.
3/ what size alternator cable will i need...again 5-6m or so

The way i was thinking of doing it was to wire batteries to input terminals one and two on the battery selector switch..and small length from each output to the Positive busbar and from there to the engine for ignition and starting....alternator charge feed would be attached to busbar also and would obvious charge which ever battery the selector was switched to....neg side obviously all attached to the neg busbar.....Is what i'm planning on doing ok, or am i making any dreadful errors?
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