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With storms blowing gusts upto 70mph along the coast..this sounded like the perfect weather to test the rod report john holden had given my exellerator....

Lordy he was right "it desnt move an inch".......................bite detection perfect?
"Dont ask me i couldent see the sodding thing, swear i was fishing on the sahra desert!!
I had a full face exfoliation, look around 13.

Once i got used to the felling that my face was coming off, the fishing was quite pleasent no rain (HONESTLY) the wind was whipping in off the sea, and with the rod getting some protection behind the wall it wasnt that bad. the sea was fantastic .......the sites that i have witnessed since taking up the sport have been breath-taking~~~

Its fair to say a few knocks were missed but consentrating on the rod made the fishing that much more interesting, (Sam)my mate was fishing about 20feey away when he got up and looked quite perplexed the tide was running to his left (inward) and the line was making a dash right for about 90mts he luanched himself into god knows what after reeling in about 40 mts he stumbled backwards using words like .....struth dam & blast.... only they all began with F
I did say it may have been a spy sub that had come over to invesergate the lights moving about on a night like This.!......after that he had to settle for 2 whiting,

I had a little less eventful night i had a good size Scylliuin Canilcula and a fish that i have not yet come across of the eel family with a large belly two small fins to the front, with black eyes it was about 12 inches long "all may i add returned safe.

piping hot oxo and sausage sarnies BLISS!!!!!
tight lines
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