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Hi all

Just got back from witches, fished the point with fishermans friend 06 from 2.30pm til bout 8pm, stayed there and then fished the next tide!! Twas a long night.....but worth it, caught my personal best conger, got it to the ledge but ff06 just lost it trying to get the rest of him up!! over 5 feet of him and was he a thick one (the conger that is not ffo6:) )..landed the next one, was only bout 5lb and lost what felt like a damn good ray half way in..must have landed 15 plus doggies, sum good uns tho and quite a good scrap. Plenty of pin whiting about, so all in all was very busy sessions,pennel rigs used with 4/0 hooks, ffo6 also caught sum doggies and whiting.
Baits used were sandeel,squid, rag,lug and sum fresh shrimp we caught in the bait net. Few guys were fishing from the left ledges but not sure how they done.
Looking forward to fishing there next time to hunt down the conger again:)

Tight lines for now
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