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Hi all
Went down to Witches straight from work this morning,got there around 8.30 spent about 20mins picking all the crap up that some knobheads had left before I even started fishing,the place was a real tip - filled 3 carrier bags with all sorts of junk,beer bottles,cans,wrappers and discarded line everywhere - just didn't want to fish with all that crap around - no wonder the conservation types hate us anglers - inbred halfwits spoil it for the rest of us!!!
Anyway eventually got around to fishing - quiet for a while then picked up a little tope/smoothie?? around doggie size followed by 2 rays around the 3lb mark then last going off a decent small eye of around 8lb. Went really quiet so decided to pack up and head to Monknash for a couple of hours,stayed til around 7pm - stunning evening but not even a tap so buggered off home!
Tight lines all !!

i did exactly the same, last weeek at deeps loads rubbish left there

went to ogmore estuary tonight more fires going than bonfire night

nice session u had there

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