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woods at stalingboro 21/10

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Date: 21 October 2012
Start Time: 9
Finish Time: 14
Fish Caught: whiting
Best Fish: 40 cm whiting x2
Bait: fresh lug and mack tips
Sea State: flat
Weather Conditions: calm and foggy sunny last hour
Sizeable: 7
Undersize: 1
Tide State: two up three back

Fished the woods at stllingborough with the holbeach club from 9-2 straight into whiting from the off for the first hour had 6 and missed a couple of bites all good fish smallest 30cm best 2 @ 40 cm then as the tide slowed to top it died and I only caught 2 more in the other 4 hours 1 insize and 1 under, fished with fresh lug and mack tips on flapper rigs, several fishing down there and only saw whiting and flats ( a couple of flounders just over a lb each were the best flats caught), this was still enough for me to win with 5lb 2 oz and the biggest round fish prize so drew a few quid and the first trophy of the new season
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Well done Col, not a bad old session that, certainly a good bag of fish mate.
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