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Worst year ever because of weather

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For me without a doubt this has been my worst year on the bass ever ...

not including 1st few years started out ....

All year it has seemed to be north , north east winds , :yucky: then straight away 30mph plus south wests :sad2:

Had to bin 11 guides , and sorry to those on here, that have missed out , you know who you are , very sorry and hope to still fit a few of the longer waiting ones in ,

before the year is out ...

Strange year , from records should be over end of this month , dec normally very hard , still worth going but harder ...

But i nearly always get bass in dec and jan ,,, may have to try harder this year for my 1st ever feb bass ON A LURE :icecream:.

This month has now started just like the rest of the year , wind colour , weed , :sad2:

Add to that an Ireland trip , where we couldn't see an inch under water , with suspended sand everywhere . (came home early )

A Spanish trip that promised so much , delivered so little ...

I do believe though it all makes for a good year for the bass , boats have not done very well at all , so as long as the winter is not to harsh for the young borns

Bad years for the fisherman = good years for the fish ...

Has anyone giving up now , packed there plugging /spinning gear away and gone after the cod . :g:

Had a few people tell me its there best year ever on bass , then when you ask them a bit more , they all said there 1st season was last year when they just started

out , so no surprise there then ...:blink:

Im sure this next 4 to 5 weeks could be very good , water felt very warm last time i was out , who knows , we could well be a month behind with the weather

for the season to go on a bit ... I hope a lot of you have had a great season , also hope no one has packed away just yet :g:

Roll on next year , and a very very hot summer and some nice settled weather , not just odd day here and there ...

How has your year gone , and has weather played a part :thumbs:
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for me this year has been average so far but i've not given up yet as October was was easily my best month. last year was just superb though so maybe it feels worse than it really is this year?
Definitely haven't got out as much this year as I would have liked compared to previous years for numerous reasons with the generally sh*te weather being a significant one of those. That said I haven't given up on this year yet - there's fish to be had yet I reckon.

Plus I will drive the long haired colonel nuts if I pack up too early and moan all bloody winter about not being able to go bassing! ;)
MARK. they say everything comes in cycles. if its any consolation to people dar sarf, oop ere the rain arrived on a bke and stayed all year.------ the winds came on a tandem and blew a hoolie most of the time, hence the reason most of the anglers that ventured out have developed either a port or starboard list. in spite of the problems there have been some decent bass caught especially recently with some real clonkers appearing but not to lures, mainly to bait. as for next summer, it could be a good'n. a black swan [no joke] flew onto the town strech of our river a week ago. could this be an omen, or is it just a big bird thats just confused and as daft as us anglers?:blink:
its been poor for the amount of days one could plug because of the ghastly weather, what what....but the windows i found were good,i hope your right mark and it goes on for a bit yet..
Major problems for me this year which has cost a lot of fishing time have been cliff falls from july onwards, causing clay soup like water on my local marks that are the mainstay of my fishing. cliffs are still sliding into water now, hoping winter storms will clear it all away for next season.

But when water ok it has been quite a good season so far with the amount of baitfish around and bass have been of better size than last on average.

Still its not over yet, hopefully.

In terms of number of fish, this year so far has been pretty average for me. However, I've had more decent fish (over 3lbs is where "decent" kicks in for me) than any year I can remember (and I am pretty old). I reckon this is down to the fact that I finally -- after many years of trying -- have managed to persuade myself that there are no universally good spots or lures. I've been much more varied in my approach to the bass.
In the rubbish rough weather -- with sandy water and weed -- I've been doing decently well with weedless and weightless big SPs; and I've caught a fair few good fish in the surf-table on storm beaches, on days when it was too rough to feel safe on rocks. In the offshore winds and deadly calm seas, I've had a few on seatrout flies (especially teal-blue-and-silver).
What I have not seen as much this year as last is bass in the 1lb to 2lb size range. Last year the sea seemed to be heaving with fish in this range, to the point where I thought they were crowding out the larger fish. Not so this season.
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Yes Mark I agree with you. Me being a newbie and this being my first real year of getting into lure fishing, I found it really hard to catch a bass in the early part of this year, but had better success in the months of August and September. Living close to some great marks on the West Wales coast I was really expecting better numbers of fish to be taken, but I will keep casting the lure upto December weather permitting. If the one thing I have gained this year and that is the great advice and knowledge from my lure fishing friends and all of you on this forum so hopefully I will have a better season next year.
This year has been pants for me, wife took on a night job and I couldn't get out ( thankfully she's quit ) but with one small child and another due end of April I'm a bit concerned about next year now. Not far away from packing up and getting out the cod gear but keeping tabs on the sea temp. Might have to move a little closer to the sea as well as it isn't good raising kids in SE London ( even if I have lived here most of my life )
Like Ricky my first full year devoted to lure fishing:thumbs:

Its been a good year even though I've only caught 14 Bass:nonono:

Have fished at least once a week so far whatever the weather and
will continue right through December:yeah::yeah::yeah:

Caught 1 in January
3 in March
4 in May
1 in June
2 in August
2 in September
1 in October

November is going to be off the scale in comparison:clap2:
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the weather's been the least of my concerns but yes it's been bloody awful. first fish in July, total so far this year is 5. think i'm getting back on the case now though. Leakydude's inspired me to go surfing.
the weathers been very poor this year ,but ive had more fish this season over 150 fish and getting 17 in one session .
and theve been a fair size upto 5ib so no complaints .
ive only been lure fishing for the last five years apart from the odd holiday playing .
but i realy love everything about lure fishing ,its just a shame we have a very short season
up here in the north.
my first fish was late this year in june had them in april the previous seasons,and last in september.
so my rods are gathering cobwebs now unless i can get a trip down south
Been happy with the latter part of the season after listening to good advice and changing my approach. Fair few fish but nothing big YET.

Still time yet,not giving up for a while thats for sure.Normally be on the cod weeks ago in years gone by,but lost all interest in favour of the bass on the lures,one track mind these days.

Lucky to have good marks on my doorstep,makes a difference. Can usually find some where to fish regardless of weather. Off out in morning ,got three marks in mind,hope i make the right call.

Mark 333 ....Really hope we get that summer that you talk of next year.
My worst season ever without doubt for lure and bait ... in fact I have given up on it for this year and going for the conger and huss and cod with the big guns ... roll on next April and fingers crossed its better (cant be any worse)
Been crap weather wise, particularly when I have had time off work...but when when I have been out I,ve done ok....80 odd fish (want to make 100 before the end of the year) best around 6lb and only a couple of blanks...that's pretty good for me
The beginning of the season i'll agree was crap. Sept till now I'm seeing normal bass activity at my fav marks, but yer this north wind sucks. :nonono:
Its been a crap year along this patch for numbers of fish (bass). This very week last year bag counts were to the thirty fish. I spent a whole day yesterday with a guy hunting out two fish. Odd excellent fish mind, including a new client best of 12lb 1oz to a lure, so in a way a great year. One thing that has been interesting, is that when it falls clear the lure fishing has been more productive for both sizes and numbers than bait fishing in perfect conditions. The storms simply arent throwing food onto the beaches. Very little in the way of shellfish blown up, even after a gale that touched 57 mph this week. In years gone by you would be wading through the shellfish deposited on the beach after such conditions.
been a strange year, the fish showed late then vanished completely off the usual places and ive not been back since around july, just fixed nets all over south devon. one thing i remember about the summer was just how grey everything was, never seen so much grey to the point where i wondered if my eyes had gone wrong. was 5C in july too, a touch of frost in august up on the moors. id have said 2012 was dire at some times but others its been anything but, octobers the best month easily.
cant remember one single t shirt warm 1st light with a gentle warm breeze and a nice glow to the sky, no sunburn either
mark if we get a few days settled weather come down this way, always a gamble with the netters but theres still some bass about and they like it up top.
got the bait rod out last night fancied a cod(bass) 8 casts 8 dogs(wrasse) home.
not sure if ive cuaght as many as last year give up counting early in the year it was so slow had a lot of 50cm plus fish and quiet a few over 60.
going to learn soft plastics for early next year.
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Has anyone giving up now , packed there plugging /spinning gear away and gone after the cod . :g:

Im sure this next 4 to 5 weeks could be very good , water felt very warm last time i was out , who knows , we could well be a month behind with the weather

for the season to go on a bit ... I hope a lot of you have had a great season , also hope no one has packed away just yet :g:

Roll on next year , and a very very hot summer and some nice settled weather , not just odd day here and there ...

How has your year gone , and has weather played a part :thumbs:
It's been my first proper year on the lures and though I've only had 3 bass I've smashed my PB and learnt loads along the way, despite the blanks :laugh:.

Due to the windy weather I did go after the cod on Thursday but I'm not giving up on the bass for 2012 just yet, weather permitting I'll be plugging next Thursday night again :thumbs:.

The weather always plays a big part as far as my fishing goes, I don't know if anyone else has noticed it but no matter how nice it is through the week the weather always seems to take a turn for the worse on a Thursday night
:wallbash: so I couldn't agree more with you're hopes for next Summer, we're overdue a good one :cool:.
its just good old British whether..F.C.O.L
been here 10jr+ and have not taken too much notice really.its been ok ,a teeny bit od,i still have bumble bees in the garden.:blink:
maybe also been to buzzy surviving.:g:but still fished and i thought the bass have been of exceptional quality.
had them from the bricks ,had them from the yak,even had a few on the spear gun,for the wife'y she likes them.
BUT,.. i have not fought them on the beaches.!!.:yeah:

then like the old fool i am,i came back on here, listened to ye bunch o's..gone spent a heap on these fandangled new age stuff,and caught stuff..all since,that's worth mentioning.So for me the weather has noting to do with my sudden inability to fish ,communicate or even fornicate. :schmoll:
But.. there is still time,had bass on new years eve 2011.just up the, according to my diary.:thumbs::thumbs:
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