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Went under the old castle today with the dog for a long overdue bit of wrasse fishing, something i haven't done in quite a while.
Seem to forget how fun it can be when they are feeding well and today they were.....quickly snaffled all of my worm.
Caught ten and most were a good average of about 2 lb with the best 2 going 3 lb 8 and 4 lb 1.
The biggest made it to its shelter for a minute or so but slack line saw it try to escape and i got it.
great fun and a new pb
gonna try with some crab next time


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He speaks the truth. Whole crab. Tie it with elastic. I like to add some Berkley Gulp Spray. Literally soak the thing! Set the stop just above the weed. Can end up with some nice fish. My old man caught a 6 pounder just this year. Took half an hour to bring the thing in!

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nice1 me and crabman 23 hired a putput boat at fowey month back live sandeels on the drift off there and got hammered by some monster wrasse on them, we were after bass tho but these things were huge. weird they seem to be changing their diet try it.
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