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well me and stev went out on his orkney stroller to try a few wrecks of orford, the ons we went to had been fishinf well a few weeks previously so should be good.

how evr when we arrived there some 13-14 miles from the bar the water had got coloured again.

how ever using the great garmin software andput in the way point of the wrecks ( the standard horizon marks were some 500 ft out) we found the firs wreck straight away and what a big beast showing loads of fish, so we decided to anchor up and drop down over the top of it and droppd squid baits down on some big leads and hey presto straight into the cod, well sort of there were only small abou 2lb but still good sport, had some nice big pout to, plus the odd doggy.

when the tide started to turn we decided to move back in shoe as the wind started to pick up a bit and went to one of the banks.

had plnty of sport in dogs, a few small smuts to 4lb plus a tope at 3lb

so in all a good day but pity we couldnt get some bigger cod.
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