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Hi Foz,

Like everyone round the country it's been a very dry line time, the latest report i could get on the wrecks was from late December.

"Reporting good Pollack catches from wrecks south-west of Portland, Storm lures are favourite, but Redgills are taking the larger fish, with Jellyworms effective during quieter tides (neaps and slacker water)".

The best i've heard of so far were Pollack to 16-18lb. I'd be very interested to hear how you get on as we're off out a few days later.

Going by past history, some of the guys are talking of using white cod feathers and pirks baited with mackerel hoping for the arrival of the Ling. (Check with skipper/crew, they'll come up with a few options to try).

At anchor, it's always worth trying big squid (and/or) mackerel on (6/0-8/0) pennel rigs for the conger, cod and anything else that maybe down there.

Although the Wreck Cod are always seem best in the Summer down this part of the world.

I'll certainly be trying the faithful ragworm on the drift, if the Pollack are on the boil they just can't seem to resist them!

I hope the weather is with you, best of luck, "Lofty"

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Just as Lofty has said, but if you catch pout they can be used as bait for the pirks cut them at an angle to the head so that the guts remains attached and bait your pirk with it, put two hooks of the treble into the bait leaving one clear this will cut down the chance of snagging the wreck. just keep it bouncing on the wreck or just clear you can expect ling or conger don't be too keen to strike let them get hold of it before you hit them. and then get it clear of the wreck a bit sharpish remember a conger can swim backwards as fast as it can forwards and if it gets it's tail in a hole you'll have a hell of a job getting it out. best of luck with the weather and the fish..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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