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First posted: 31st July 2014
Last updated: 31st July 2014

The following rules will apply to all trades on items posted from the 1st of August 2014.

The rules for using the WSF Classifieds Forums are in addition to our standard rules, which still apply.

By posting classified adverts you agree to abide by the rules of the forum, the rules of the classifieds forum.

World Sea Fishing, the officers, moderators and staff cannot accept any liability for any losses incurred from the use of the classifieds forums. We do not mediate in transactions and we encourage you to explore all avenues to conclude the transaction amicably. If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of any activity on our classified forums and you feel it is illegal please report this to the moderators who will try to assist you.

Do not take any disputes into the other forums on WSF, these will be deleted.

We take fraud very seriously and anybody caught defrauding other members will be dealt with severely. We encourage anybody defrauded by a member on WSF to actively seek police help and WSF as an entity will turn over all information relating to a bad trader to the police when asked.

Advertising stolen goods or pirated goods will result in an instant ban from the forum and your details handed to the police for further investigation.

General trading rules
  1. You must be over the age of 18 to use the WSF Classifieds.
  2. You can only trade with items you personally own and which are legal to sell within the United Kingdom and Ireland (which includes the England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland, Rep. of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man).
  3. Certain items you cannot trade on these forums these include: Airline tickets, air miles, alcohol, animal and wildlife products, anything illegal, counterfeit items, credit cards, digital codes for movies, drugs and associated drug items, firearms and ammunition including BB guns and air rifles, fireworks, event tickets (including concerts, sporting etc.), knives, lottery tickets, mailing lists, personal information, money exchange, multi-level marketing including pyramid schemes, OEM software, offensive material, online accounts for services, any pirated material including games and movies, pornography, company shares and other financial products, sky viewing cards, business stock, stolen goods, tobacco and associated products, train tickets, vouchers of any kind.
  4. Business sellers are not allowed to use the classifieds to sell goods. Our classifieds are for members who personally own the items they are selling and are selling not for profit.
  5. You must include the price of the item you are placing for sale, you cannot increase your asking price once you have posted your advert on the site.
  6. You should include an estimate of postage in your price, this is easily obtainable online from the Royal Mail or courier companies before you post your item online. You don't need to do this for collection items.
  7. Your accepted payment methods must be stated on the site, we recommend Paypal for most transactions.
  8. Describe your goods accurately and be honest! If you misrepresent the product, condition of the product or the history then the purchaser is within their rights to demand a partial or full refund and return of the goods at your expense.
  9. Everybody using the classifieds forum should be able to visit the forum to deal with their trades on a regular basis to respond to questions and offers i.e. every couple of days.
  10. All trading discussions including offers, acceptances and refusals should be shown in the thread and not conducted by email or PM. Once you have agreed a deal you can use whatever form of communication you like to finalise your payment details and conclude the deal. We insist on this rule so we can see that deals are conducted in a right and proper manner and also, so we can forward any problems onto the relevant authorities in the case of deals gone bad.
  11. You cannot offer a higher offer on a deal that has already been agreed. Once it has been agreed, it has been agreed and no further offers can be made on items.
  12. You should only make an offer on an item if you have the money to do so.
  13. The seller can choose to deal with whomever they want to deal with. If they have had a bad experience with one purchaser they may wish to ignore their offer.
  14. Once a deal has been agreed you may not withdraw from it without good reason.
  15. You may bump your thread once a day if there have been no posts in the thread. If you have offers and are negotiating, you cannot bump your post.
  16. You may only post within the trading thread if you are interested in the item, not in any other thread and not via private channels.
  17. You may not post on the thread if all you want to do is tell the member they are selling their goods at a high price, the price of the goods is only the concern of the seller and any potential purchaser. Unusually high prices for items are unlikely to attract any bids so a pricing comparison by those who have no intention on buying the items is irrelevant. Do not reply if you do not want to buy.
  18. To use the classifieds, you must be a member for 60 days and have 30 or more posts.
Completing the deal
If either party does not honour their obligation in a trade and the admin are made aware of it after either party have exhausted all avenues available to conclude the deal, admin will get in touch with the other party to see what the problem is and ask for an immediate resolution. If none is forthcoming then we will treat it as a criminal matter. We will encourage the other party to go to the police, open a case file with them and we will then provide ALL information we hold on you to the police when requested.

You will be banned permanently from the WSF Forums in order to protect the community from any other trades you may conduct.

Members are responsible for all trades that they take part in. Goods sold remain the responsibility of the seller until received by the buyer.

Both sellers and buyers should always -
  • Negotiate their deal in public on the thread where the item is for sale. Private negotiations will be deemed not to have taken place on the WSF Forums and any help we can offer to help solve any problems will not be forthcoming.
Sellers should always -
  • Send ALL items by tracked and insured delivery. This will provide a paper trail so that you can prove to your buyer that you have sent the item. Insured delivery ensures your items are insured when in transit against loss or damage.
Buyers should always -
  • When paying via Paypal always send the payment for Goods or Services, NEVER send it as a payment for Gift so the seller doesn't have to pay the fee. Sending money for Goods or Services offers you some degree of protection - sending a payment as a Gift gives you nothing. You have been warned.
  • Request digital photographs of the product you are buying from all angles so you can make sure you are buying the item in the condition it is described.
  • When signing for your goods from the delivery company make sure you check the product for damage before signing. If you can't do this make sure you mark the delivery note with unchecked.
  • Obtain all the details of the seller and verify these details.
  • If transferring money via bank transfer check the name and location of the receiving account matches that of the seller.

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The above rules apply to the *Wanted* forum.

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