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Replaced the control box on my Yamaha 60hp 2 stroke, 6H2 autolube.

It doesn't have a nice convenient socket fitted to plug the control loom to. I've cut the plug off the control loom and replaced it with a 10 pin sealed plug and socket - same as a car one.
Using a multi meter and power probe along with this diagram:
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I have got it all connected except the yellow switched live and the dark blue choke/prime start, would this engine have electric choke?

The way the engine seems to have been done it to permanently have ignition live when the battery is connected, the yellow on the controls is connected to +12v and red is not connected. I can't find a yellow on the engine side to connect to the yellow on the controls and move permanent +12v to red. There is a dark red wire that has an inline fuse and connected to a permanent +12v feed which looks a bit bodged. When I disconnect it everything stops working including tilt/trim but I don't want to just that for the switched live if its not the right one, has a 20amp fuse, could ignition switched live draw 20amp (could be a badly sized fuse of course)? will the ignition switch survive that? should tilt/trim work without the key in the ignition switch?
Anyone know what part the switched live should go to so I can try and trace it?

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