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Go on which 2 rigs?
Mine mmmmmmmmm
Portsmouth loop...
either pulley or long n low?????
nope running ledger..
Portsmouth loop
running ledger

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Pennel pulley
Pulley pennel:D
BS you can have a dozen mate. You can only take two differentiate types of.!! i perhaps should/could have made that clearer..
My last session i needed ha;f a dozen. Only 2 of which came home oops!!

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I despise pulley rigs, they are awful and only used as a last resort over heavy ground.
Surprised you object to Pulley so much.
Fished with a tight line and grip leads, it acts like Paternoster.
Fished at range, with loose line, it self-hooks, particularly if using a top Circle on Pennel.

And, no problems measuring line or correcting if a snood is stretched in cast.

What is to hate?

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Long & Low (Up & Over) & though i'll never admit to using one:rolleyes::rolleyes:- a 2 hook flapper.
Just as an add on to Shirls post, i'd agree about the hook up rate of Pulleys being poor compared to some other rigs though i've found in my neck of the woods it does'nt seem to be as bad when theres a good tide running- though could'nt for certain tell you why:confused:
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