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<font color='#000000'>Found myself in a decent job a few years ago and asked for advice from a range of experienced anglers as to what beachcaster to get - money no object. All of them said get the Primo.
Really expensive but the way I look at it is I&#39;ll be using it for at least 10 years so cheap really. All carbon construction made it a revelation to use. The rod practically talks to you during the cast and while playing fish. Regarded as a soft rod by macho, tournament gorillas but its as stiff as I&#39;ll ever want to go.
I&#39;m not a big caster but have a reasonably smooth action. Once I finally sort some lessons out I know the rod has plenty of distance left in it. But the nice thing is that it doesn&#39;t misbehave at relatively short distances - the feedback through your hands is awesome.
Fishing with it is lovely as I now it can handle anything I throw at it - little baits, big pennel rigs, 5/6/7 ozs of lead - and the tip doesn&#39;t waggle around in the wind. People used to softer tipped rods may be a little suspicious of its bite detection at first (as I was) but even dabs show up. In fact you may even delay your strike/reeling in a little longer resulting in more fish hooked.
If you&#39;ve got the money (around £300), can genuinely cast competently, and fancy a quality rod - try one out if you can.


(PS If you buy one and you&#39;ve deluded yourself about your casting ability then don&#39;t come running to me for a refund. You can&#39;t bullsh*t a rod - it&#39;ll let you know if you&#39;re no good. Garbage in, garbage out.)</font>
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